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Your Attitude + Your Choices = Your Life

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    Caring about the state of the world is not the same as having anxiety about it. Care and empathy will propel you into a mindset that can be a positive force. Anxiety just paralyzes you and creates inaction and inward thinking that feeds on itself.

    The post Anxiety In A Chaotic World: Acceptance, Healing And Hope appeared first on Positively Positive.

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    You've just been chosen (again) you were already chosen you see, chosen to be born - that might not seem a lot but actually, the odds are 1 in 4 trillion, for you to be created, and now you know why you just have to persevere through the four stages of creation. You have something incredibly special inside of you, waiting to be born. But what is it and how on earth can you bring it to life?

    The post What Has the Number 4 Got to Do with Being the Successful Creator of Your Life? appeared first on Positively Positive.

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    We can help others reach higher by simply agreeing, consciously, to give them space to go through their changes even when these changes may challenge our sense of self and its well-being.

    The post Give Yourself and Others Room to Grow appeared first on Positively Positive.

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    In learning and exploring philosophies like ‘new thought,’ it’s great to discover how much is already aligned with my belief system. And whether it’s personal or faith based, or just living and experiencing life and people around you; it takes a keen eye but an open heart to really listen to what the universe is telling you.

    The post Are You Hearing What You Want to Hear, or Are You Listening to the Universe with an Open Mind? appeared first on Positively Positive.

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    These habits are necessary for living a life worth living. For creating an impact. For living a life of well-being.

    The post 3 Habits to Transform Your Life Completely appeared first on Positively Positive.

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    You will probably be more accepting of the way people are. And by "accepting" I don’t mean that you stay in unhealthy relationships with narcissists (insane), or that you hire people purely for their potential (risky), or that you join the committee just to be a good sport (ugh). By "accept" I mean that you stop expending energy trying to change other people, which means that you will have so much more energy for LIVING your life. This calls for an "OMG!" There, I said it. OMG.

    The post 10 Positive Consequences of Not Improving Yourself appeared first on Positively Positive.

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    When I notice myself with judgmental thoughts I stop and take a breath. I know nothing will flow for me in that moment if I continue. The noticing part is critical. Noticing, however, is not judging my "rotten" thoughts. That would only deepen the cycle. Instead, I decide to do something different. As I notice the restriction in my thoughts, I have space to do something different. A doorway opens out of the black hole into more spaciousness.

    The post How Your Thoughts Determine the Quality of Your Life appeared first on Positively Positive.

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    If you’ve ever experienced this feeling, or if you’re currently still stuck in your own dark hole, you know how hopeless it can feel. I’m sure you’ve heard before that “it will get better” and doubted it relentlessly, but the good news is that it almost always does. The solution isn’t the same for everyone. Your mental health journey will be unique and personal to you.

    The post How to Turn Your Mental Health Around appeared first on Positively Positive.

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  • 09/20/18--03:10: How to Reframe Failure
  • Every worldly success I've experienced grew from me falling flat on my face. I wrote and self-published 126 bite-sized eBooks on Amazon after I sold only four copies of my first eBook over four months. I sold my first online course only after the sales page registered over 8,000 views. My first post submitted here on Positively Positive failed to be published. What did I do wrong during those failures? Nothing. I simply cleared the fear associated with these failures to make room for success.

    The post How to Reframe Failure appeared first on Positively Positive.

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  • 09/21/18--03:05: How to Handle Mom Guilt
  • Do you have mom guilt? If you’re a mom, the answer is yes. If you have had a mom, the answer is also most likely, yes. I hope this daily reminder of the power of healthy boundaries will reduce mom (or any other kind of) guilt you may be experiencing.

    The post How to Handle Mom Guilt appeared first on Positively Positive.

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  • 09/21/18--03:10: Tips for Loneliness
  • The last thing I want for you is to suffer by feeling alone. The biggest gift you can give to yourself is to change how you experience time alone. I realize that is easier said than done which is why my vlog this week is all about giving you ways to overcome and reframe loneliness.

    The post Tips for Loneliness appeared first on Positively Positive.

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    The tricky thing about loopholes is that we often invoke them without even realizing it—we let ourselves off the hook so fast and with such confidence that we don't feel the pain of breaking our word to ourselves.

    The post Have You Invoked Any of These Loopholes to Let Yourself Off the Hook? appeared first on Positively Positive.

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    We are not our thoughts. It's so easy to say and yet so difficult to embody. But we are not our thoughts. The hurt we feel when we believe what we think is our inner wisdom telling us we are on the wrong path.

    The post How Our Thoughts Are like Nettle… appeared first on Positively Positive.

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  • 09/23/18--03:05: Stop Stuffing Your Schedule
  • I really believed that anyone who said they could have it “all,” you know, a happy husband, kids, AND a big career, was either a liar, a faker or a skipper of sleep. And, since I was never going to lie, fake it, skip sleep, or sacrifice my family’s needs, I believed I was never going to be able to have a huge, successful career AND a great home life. And guess what? I was busy proving this theory true. How, you ask?

    The post Stop Stuffing Your Schedule appeared first on Positively Positive.

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    Parents are human. When kids act out, we often get angry! So how do we insure that our child still feels our unconditional love? The secret is managing our anger so we stay connected with our child while we set limits. When you think about it, that's the only way to guide your child without punishing, because connection is what helps children WANT to cooperate.

    The post All You Need Is Love (And a Little Practice) appeared first on Positively Positive.

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